Does Fluffy need a house call?

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House Call Practice

Valley Vet is now pleased to be able to offer a full service house call practice to our small animal patients.  Do any of these situations apply to you and your furry friend?


–  Fluffy hates the car, vomits on the way in or soils in the carrier

–  Fancy is scared to death of the dogs in the waiting room

–  You don’t have a car or a ride to get into the clinic

–  You have multiple pets

–  You would prefer to let Max pass on in a more comfortable environment

–  You are concerned your companion may contract fleas or another transmissible illness in the clinic

– Buddy is too large to lift and carry into the car

– Ruby may “cause a scene” by barking at other pets or people in the waiting room


Reduce your stress and your pets stress by having one of our veterinarians come to your home.  Routine vaccinations and wellness exams, blood tests, parasite control, minor wound care, dermatology consultations, behaviour assessments, nutrition consults, and more available.

Please call Theresa to discuss your appointment.


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