Equine Mobile & Emergency Services

285247_406677876086187_1874017590_nWe have a fully equipped mobile unit that services our Equine clients within approximately one hour (+/-) of Carleton Place. It is equipped to handle routine calls, emergencies such as colics and lacerations, reproduction work and pre-purchases. We try to group the calls by area to keep travelling time and costs down. Please call the Clinic to find out further information regarding mobile charges and areas covered. During busy season (March – July) we will have 2 fully equipped mobile units on the road to allow us to better serve our clients in a timely fashion. We try to call you if we are going to be more than 30 minutes behind your scheduled call.


During regular business hours our Doctors are in constant communication with the clinic and can therefore respond to emergency situations very quickly.

We always have a Veterinarian available for after hours and weekend emergencies. If you do have an emergency please call the Clinic at 613-257-3202, follow the prompts and one of our Doctors will respond to your call as soon as they receive the page.