Behavioral Counseling

We offer individualized dog and cat behavioural counseling on a variety of issues including aggressive behaviour and inappropriate elimination. There are many new theories and improved knowledge relating to canine and feline behaviour problems. Both Dr. Douglas and Dr. Bennett are very interested in behaviour problems in domestic pets. After filling out a detailed questionnaire relating to the problems your pet is having, and examining the pet to rule out underlying health issues such as pain, we will work with you to design a behaviour modification program for your pet. We will try to acquaint you with normal canine and feline responses to various situations and recondition the animals responses where inappropriate. The most difficult task we often face is to retrain the owner! Don’t forget, it is better to tackle these problems early to maximize the chance of success. The key to success in fact, is owner consistency and positive reward…..let us help you understand the root of the problem you are encountering with your dog or cat and also refer you to many interesting sources of information on animal behaviour.