Cardiology (Heart)

We frequently diagnose cardiac problems in our animal companions by listening to their hearts during their annual exams. The second most common way we detect cardiac problems is when we are presented with an older dog that has started coughing, especially at night. If your pet is diagnosed with a heart murmur, arrhythmia or cardiac cough the doctor will recommend chest X-rays and an EKG right away. The EKG is conducted over the phone using special leads that transmit the signal to a specialist at Cardiopet. The result is available within hours and the cardiologist will consult with us regarding the best course of therapy. Often, pets with heart problems can live much longer if the proper course of medication is started and given every day for the rest of their lives. The veterinarian will also educate you regarding the correct diet and exercise for the cardiac patient. Please remember that many pets and people have heart murmurs that do not interfere with their quality of life, so if a heart murmur is detected in your young or middle aged animal we may monitor it for years before medication is started.