We recommend spaying(ovariohysterectomy) of the female dog and cat before they reach puberty or their first estrus (around 6 months). We have not found that this in any way affects their disposition adversely, and it prevents unwanted pregnancies . Were you aware that early neutering also prevents breast cancer and life threatening uterine infections? Please consider the pros and cons of having kittens or puppies very carefully before going ahead, and ask the veterinarian about health issues related to pregnancy and gestation before making a final decision. If you are ready to have your female pet spayed,we will ask you to bring it in for a wellness exam before the anaesthetic, as well as making sure it has current vaccinations before coming into the hospital. We also need to see your mature female to give you an accurate estimate of the cost on an individual basis as it may vary with the pets weight and age. In general,we send our uncomplicated hysterectomy patients home the same day.